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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Program

  • Overview
  • Syllabus

Internship Training & Certification

  • Introduction to Big Data 
  • Python for Data Science 
  • Statistics for Data Science 
  •  Data Visualization with Python & Tableau  
  • Supervised Machine Learning-Regression Analysis & Classification  
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning - Clustering Analysis & Association Rules 
  • Hyper Parameter Optimization  
  • Model Performance Assessment   
  • Artificial Neural Networks with TensorFlow 2.0  
  • Deep Learning  with PyTorch and Apache MXNet
  •  Building Convolutional Neural Network in Deep Learning 
  • Building Recurrent Neural Network in Deep Learning  
  • Building Self-Organizing Maps in Deep Learning  
  • Building Autoencoder in Deep Learning  
  • Deep Belief Networks in Deep Learning 
  • Generative Adversarial Networks in Deep Learning 
  • Real-world Project Implementations


  • Syllabus

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